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Shurtape Technologies, LLC is an American manufacturing company that produces adhesive tape as well as consumer goods and office supplies.[8] Founded in 1996, Shurtape had its origins as the tape division of Shuford Mills, a textile manufacturing company; Shurtape was spun off from the textile division after it began to significantly outpace it in revenue. Today, both Shurtape and the remaining textile business are both subsidiaries of STM Industries. The company is owned and operated by the Shuford family, with brothers Jim and Stephen serving as CEO and Executive Vice President, respectively.

Shurtape operates 13 manufacturing facilities worldwide and employs around 1,500 people. Its corporate headquarters is based in Hickory, North Carolina and its subsidiaries ShurTech Brands and the Engineered Solutions Group are headquartered in Avon, Ohio and New Hartford, Connecticut, respectively. Shurtape is one of the major economic forces in the Hickory metro area and ranks second in consumer tape market sales behind 3M.


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"I worked at Shertech Pharmacy Cons: tough early hours weekends, on-call, must work whenever they ask"

Timeg Services courier (Current Employee) says

"Due to unforeseen circumstances that I am not at liberty to discuss, there will not be any new hires at the Kernersville location indefinitely. Cannot predict how much longer this location will be open."

Temporary Book keeper (Former Employee) says

"I wasn't there long enough to say to much. It was was mostly a filing job and a bit of bookkeeping."

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